Play RETROrun now on iOS / Google Play

Based on other Infinite Runner games such as JetPack Joyride and Temple Run, RETROrun requires the player to survive as long as possible without hitting any of the circular saws.

Play as Theo, the kid stuck out of Time and Space…..the 80’s!  help this lost Gamer Kid through this unknown world by collecting as many GameDudes as possible.  Use your GameDudes to purchase additional runners, each with their own unique look and feel.  Experiment with the change in physics, enjoy the awesome feel and atmosphere created by the retr0 artwork and chip bit soundtrack created and produced by Skip Gibson (SoundCloud/BandCamp)*.

Created and produced within 6 months, this has been the first project I’ve created to get to completion.  The game has been scripted in C#, using Unity and MonoDevelop and has been created with the purpose of deployment on both iOS and Android.  The game implements a IAP (In App Purchase system) for both intended mediums, along with an Ad system.


*Game Soundtrack only available on iOS/Android versions of game.   Track used for game is called ‘Hello World‘, by Skip Gibson.