MeM Launched on iOS!

Our second game has just been released! MeM!  Currently on iOS, MeM is designed to help improved the Player’s short term and long term memory.

Players need to find all the matches in each round, and progress as far as they can get.  With each game played, the Player will find their levels of concentration, and memory retention improving.  The game also includes leaderboards for both ‘Highest Round Achieved’ and “Highest Correct Guesses’.  This gives players a real chance to compete against friends.

MeM will have regular updates published, with as Daily Level System implemented in the next update.  This will give players the chance to see different layouts and challenges when played consistently over a 7 day period.

The game is currently available for iOS, with an Android version in the works, which will be out by the end of June.
You can find the iOS version here

ScreenShots of some of the new colour schemes coming in the next update.